Dr.Boshuijzen – van Burken, C.G. (Christine)

Eindhoven University of Technology

Section: Philosophy and Ethics
Faculty: Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

Visiting address

TU Delft - TBM building Jaffalaan 5 2628 BX Delft room b4.030

Mail address

TU Delft - TBM building Jaffalaan 5 2628 BX Delft room b4.030






Christine Boshuijzen – van Burken currently works for the OZSW (as assistant director) and for the Linneaus University, Växö, Sweden as a postdoctoral researcher on the Ethics of Information.

She holds a PhD degree in ethics, in the field of military technology and ethics, a BSc in Human Kinetic Engineering (The Hague University of Professional Education, 2002), a BSc in Mechanical Engineering (Eindhoven, Fontys University of Professional Eduction, 2004) and a MA at the Amsterdam Vrije Universiteit, faculty of Philosophy (2006). She worked several years as a mechanical engineer before starting her PhD studies in June 2009.

For her dissertation she worked in a NWO funded project “Moral Fitness of military personnel in a network enabled operations environment”. She looked at ICT and other networking technologies in the military domain from the pespective of Philosophy of Technology. She also used insights from Reformational philosophy to evaluate normative issues in networked (military) environments.

Her main affiliation was Eindhoven University of Technology, but due to the interdisciplinarity of her project she is also affiliated to Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands Defence Academy, Breda and TNO Human Factors, Soesterberg. She usually works from her office in Delft or Breda.



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