Gonzalez Woge, M. (Margoth)

University of Twente

Section: Philosophy
Faculty: BMS

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My PhD focuses on the concept of technological mediation within postphenomenology. I am particularly interested in human-technology relations that shape our actions and experiences and transcend the notion of use. My aim is to build on the idea of agency co-constitution as a process of biosocial becoming. I am looking at persuasive environments, such as Open Living Labs, as my case study.

I am a visiting PhD at the Philosophy Department in University of Twente. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a Master’s degree in Philosophy of Science from the National Autonomous University of México, and a Master’s degree in Philosophy, Science, and Values from the University of the Basque Country.

Among my research interests are Philosophy of Technology, Postphenomenology, Material Engagement Theory, 4E’s Cognition, Ecological Psychology, Philosophy of the City, Science and Technology Studies, and Pragmatism.