Huis in ‘t Veld, I.C (Iris)

Eticas Research & Consulting


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Carrer de Ferlandina 49

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+34 93 600 54 00



Iris is a researcher at Eticas Research & Consulting. Eticas is a Spanish research and consulting company working on understanding and finding solutions for the ethical, legal and social implications of data-intensive technology.

She has a bachelor’s degree in communication science (University of Twente) and a master’s degree in Philosophy of Science, Technology & Society (University of Twente). During her time as a master student she was an intern for the 4TU.ethics.

Current research interests are focused on the complexity of human and technology relationships and the protection of rights and values in a data-driven society. This includes topics like privacy, surveillance, personalized learning technology, data management, artificial intelligence, RRI and social media.

Iris is now involved in EU projects INSPEC2T (next generation community policing) and GIFT (CBRN forensics).