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Dr. Johnny Hartz Søraker is Assistant Professor of Philosophy of technology at the Department of Philosophy, University of Twente.
I did my PhD at the same department, supervised by Prof. Dr. Philip Brey and defended on April 23, 2010 “met lof” (Dutch equivalent to summa cum laude). The dissertation mainly dealt with the epistemology, ontology and ethics of virtual worlds, with a particular focus on their potential impact on personal well-being. The remainder of my 4-year (NWO VICI) PhD Research Grant was converted into a short PostDoc, and I subsequently got the position as assistant professor starting September 1, 2010. Building on a Cand. Mag. (B.A. equiv.) consisting of psychology, philosophy and comparative literature, I did my Cand. Philol. (M.A. equiv.) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, on issues related to Philosophy of Mind and Artificial Intelligence.
Although I am inspired by all kinds of philosophy, my main research interests lie in the intersections between Information Technology, on the one hand, and both theoretical and practical philosophy, on the other. I often ground my work in psychological research, especially work in the field of Positive Psychology, and I’m working on developing this toward a comprehensive methodology (tentatively entitled ‘Prudential-Empirical Ethics of Technology (PEET)’). I have published and lectured extensively on issues such as the ethical, societal and psychological effects of technology (especially related to the notion of well-being), Internet governance and the moral status of information.
I also put a lot of work and energy into my teaching, and was fortunate enough to be awarded the University of Twente teacher of the year award in 2012. Autumn 2012 I also launched SuchThatCast – a Podcast in which I sit down with some of the greatest philosophers of today to discuss their life and work.

Scientific publications (selection)


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