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Moral issues in engineering design and R&D

Professional carbon drone with GPS making a ride.

One of the key questions here is: In what ways are (moral) values embedded in engineering design and in R&D and how can design and R&D (both processes and outcomes) be made more accommodating and sensitive with regard to accepted moral values? This raises the further question which methodologies and institutional safeguards exist or can be developed for value-sensitive design and R&D.
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Research Projects

A Sustainable Ethics for Future Energy Systems

Accountability for architectures for identity management systems in E_government

Biofuels: sustainable innovation or gold rush?

Communication Support & its Ethics to Improve Patient_Centred Health Care

Developing and Implementing Smart Grids in India

Ethical aspects of upscaling an innovative water treatment technology

Ethical dilemmas of nuclear power production and nuclear waste management

Ethical issues in engineering design: safety and sustainability

Ethics of identity management

Integrating social and ethical reflection in nanobiotechnological practice

Molecular diagnostics: towards a realistic form of ethical Technology Assessment

Moral responsibility in R&D networks

Normative implications of non-invasive instruments to analyze blood and tissue

Persuasive technology and social values

Product Impact: Theory and ethics of behavior steering technology

Remaking the body and embodiment in tissue engineering:
On the professional and public responsibility of engineers in body politics

Responsible early diagnostics for Alzheimer’s Disease

Responsible Innovation in Food Technology: about the intricate web of soft impacts, (ir)responsibilities, and mutual lack of trust


Technology and Human Development. A Capability Approach

Telecare at home: Anticipating conflicting norms in telemonitoring technologies for chronic patients

Value Sensitive Design for IT Governance: an Intercultural Perspective

Moral issues in the use and regulation of technology


This theme focuses on ethical issues regarding the use of technology and regarding technology policy and regulation. Once developed, technical artifacts and systems are used by consumers, professionals and organizations to a variety of ends and in a variety of settings. Such uses may violate ethical standards. For example, the use of computer systems to access personal data may violate standards of privacy, and the use of engineered tissues to replace healthy tissues may violate principles of non-maleficence. The aim of this research theme is to analyze and propose morally adequate standards and principles for the use of particular technologies. It will also be studied how particular uses of technologies cohere with, or emerge, from cultural and institutional values and beliefs. The focus will be on new and emerging technologies.
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Research Projects

Accountability, the use of advanced medical images and the design of hospital picture archive systems

Acting with Artefacts

Biosecurity and dual use research

Carebots and the good life: An anticipatory ethical analysis of human-robot interaction in (health) care

Developing scenarios of moral controversies concerning new biomedical technologies

Enhancing Responsibility

Ethical and regulatory issues raised by synthetic biology

Ethical Issues of Emerging ICT Applications

Evaluating the Cultural Quality of New Media:
Towards an Integrated Philosophy of Human-Media Relations

Medical Trust Beyond Clinical Walls

Military Human Enhancement: Design for Responsibility and Combat Systems

Moral fitness of military personnel in a networked operational environment

Neuroethics: ethical, legal and conceptual aspects of neuroscience and neurotechnology

New Technologies as Social Experiments: Conditions for Morally Responsible Experimentation

Responsible Industry


The Brain and the Law

The ethical consequences of converging technologies

Wise Choices and Smart Savings: Effectiveness and Acceptability of Persuasive Technology for Household Energy Saving (MORALPT)