Quality of Research

The philosophy departments of Delft, Eindhoven and Twente, that together form 4TU.Ethics, perform excellent research in the area of philosophy and technology. Their work can even be considered as internationally leading in their area. Philosophy of technology is one of the very few topics in philosophy in which The Netherlands holds a unique and leading position in the world. This is the conclusion of an international review committee of Qanu (Quality Assurance Netherlands Universities), in a report that appeared in 2006. The review committee looked at four criteria: quality, relevance, productivity and viability. More information on research visitation and its results

Research grants received

Members of 4TU.Ethics have received several (prestigious) research grants over the past years. The most important grants are:


From the European Union (FP7 program)

(FP7 projects take place in larger consortia. The amount mentioned is the total amount awarded, of which a part will go to the 4TU.Ethics applicant)

Period, amount (Euro) Title of project 4TU.Ethics applicant
2009-2011, 834.000 Ethical Issues of Emerging ICT Applications Jeroen van den Hoven
2009-2011, 531.000 Ethical and regulatory issues raised by synthetic biology Ibo van de Poel
2015-onward, 375.000 Neural Computer Interfaces Sabine Roeser
2015-onward, 75.000 So Big Data Jeroen van den Hoven


From NWO (the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research)

Responsible Innovation program

Date: April 2009 (see here for more information)

Title of project 4TU.Ethics applicant(s)
1. Responsible early diagnostics for Alzheimer’s Disease Marianne Boenink
2. Technology and Human Development: A Capability Approach Jeroen van den Hoven, Ilse Oosterlaken
3. Persuasive technology and social values Anthonie Meijers
4. Biosecurity and dual use research Seumas Miller, Jeroen van den Hoven
5. Moral fitness of military personnel in a networked operational environment Lamber Royakkers
6. Responsible innovation in food technology: deliberating hard and soft impacts Tsjalling Swierstra
7. Telecare at home: Anticipating conflicting norms in telemonitoring technologies for chronic patients Peter-Paul Verbeek


Date: 2015


Title of project 4TU.Ethics applicant(s)
1. Developing and implementing smart grids in India Auke Pols, Andreas Spahn
2. Prognosticating of patients in coma: towards a responsible practice Marianne Boenink
3. Frugal Innovations and Responsible Entrepreneurship: Case Studies in the Water and Health Sectors in East Africa Neelke Doorn
4. Developing socially responsible innovations: The role of values and moral emotions Sabine Roeser
5. Value sensitive collaborative water governance Neelke Doorn
6. Assessment tools for responsible innovation in the energy transition Behnam Taebi
7. Capturing the societal value of offshore wind Rafaela Hillerbrand
8. Research into ethical and legal aspects of drones Peter-Paul Verbeek


Other NWO grants


Period, amount (Euro) Title of project Main 4TU.Ethics applicant
2004-2006, 153.000 Ethical aspects of the risks involved in the transition from lab-scale model to full-size open plant in bioprocess technology Ibo van de Poel
2004-2007, 81.000 Medical Images in the Health Care Process Jeroen van den Hoven
2004-2008, 135.000 Technology and the Matter of Morality Peter-Paul Verbeek
2005-2006, 78.000 Developing scenarios of moral controversies concerning new biomedical technologies Tsjalling Swierstra
2005-2009, 135.000 Emotions and Technological Risks: Emotions as a Normative Guide in Judging the Moral Acceptability of Technological Risks Sabine Roeser
2006-2009, 183.797 Normative implications of non-invasive, quantitative, acousto-optic registration of chemical substrates in human blood and tissue Tsjalling Swierstra
2006-2012, 845.000 Evaluating the Cultural Quality of New Media. Towards an Integrated Philosophy of Human-Media Relations Philip Brey
2007-2011, 378.000 Neuroethics: ethical, legal and conceptual aspects of neuroscience and neurotechnology Gert-Jan Lokhorst
2007-2012, 498.000 Moral responsibility in R&D Networks Ibo van de Poel
2008-2013, 406.000 Technology and the limits of humanity: the ethics and anthropology of posthumanism Peter-Paul Verbeek
2010-2015, 800.000 Moral Emotions and Risk Politics Sabine Roeser
2011-2016, 1.500.000 New Technologies as Social Experiments Ibo van de Poel
2011-2013, 550.000 Enhancing Responsibility: The Effects of Cognitive Enhancement on Moral and Legal Responsibility Nicole Vincent
2009-2014, 550.000 Responsible Innovation in Food Technology: about the intricate web of soft impacts, (ir)responsibilities, and mutual lack of trust Tsjalling Swierstra
2013-2014, 189.203 Medical Trust Beyond Clinical Walls Philip Nickel
2011-2015, 532.569 Biofuels: sustainable innovation or gold rush? Auke Pols
2014-2018, 250.000 The ethics of flood risk management: Reconciling equity and efficiency in flood risk management Neelke Doorn
2014-2018, 250.000 Multinational nuclear waste repositories: ethics and acceptability Behnam Taebi
2015-onward, 250.000 Addressing Ethical Challenges of the Service Robot Revolution Aimee van Wynsberghe
2015-onward, 250.000 Nudging Responsibly. An intervention on the ethics of nudging Philip Robichaud


Other grants


Period, amount (Euro) Title of project 4TU.Ethics applicant
2.500.000 Global Terrorism and Collective Moral Responsibility: Redesigning Military, Police and Intelligence Institutions in Liberal Democracies, ERC Advanced Grant Seumas Miller