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| Posted on March 10, 2023

New scientific director 4TU.Ethics

Marcel Verweij has accepted a position as new professor of Ethics in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the Utrecht University. We congratulate Marcel with his new job. Marcel was the scientific director of the 4TU.Ethics. We are happy to announce that Vincent Blok, who was graduate school director of the 4TU.Ethics,...

| Posted on March 7, 2023

First interview of ‘Ethics beyond academia’ posted

The first interview of a new blog series called ‘Ethics beyond academia’ has been posted. Given the diversity of ethical practice in the past, in this blog series, we would like to offer a wider view of how ethical expertise finds application and is expressed outside of the purely academic field today. We want...

Statement 4TU.Ethics against use of technology for violence

The 4TU Centre for Ethics and Technology is distraught by the brutal violence against innocent people in Iran, Ukraine, and many other places in the world. In our mission we state that we envision  “..a world in which technology is developed and used for benefit of humanity and the preservation of our planet. It is a world in which ethical considerations concerning human rights, well-being, global and inter-generational justice, the social good are systematically included in practices of technology and engineering.”

This is an ideal vision indeed. Throughout human history, technology has been applied to suppress and to attack innocent people, either in warfare or by violent regimes towards their own people. Notwithstanding this repeating history, we are always shocked again, for example now in the ways how the Iranian regime is suppressing Iranian citizens by means of digital technologies (including tracking protesters with spyware on their mobile phones and using facial recognition technologies to identify protesters) and in the drone attacks by the Russian army on Ukrainian technological infrastructures, necessary for all citizens to survive. We cannot but reject such violence. Human rights should be served by technological developments, not violated. We call on all governments and engineers to resist such use of technology.

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