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Opportunity - PhD research

| Posted on December 6, 2019

Duration: 01-11-2019 → 31-12-2023

Framework for responsible and accountable deprivation area mapping in support of pro-poor policies (FRAME-PRO)

Locational data (“geo-data”) has become increasingly available due to technological innovation. This innovation has improved the capability of capturing, storing and processing vast amounts of geo-data, producing results which have commercial and administrative value. For example, such data are essential in the SDG agenda. While there is a growing awareness of the ethical challenges...

| Posted on December 6, 2019

Duration: 01-01-2018 → 31-12-2022

BRIdging Technology in the Built Environment (BRIDE)

The aim of the BRIDE project is to explore the role of smart public infrastructure in making and re-making of public space. Utilizing research through design and mobilizing an empirical-philosophical theory of technology, the research team will engage in the design and construction of data interaction systems for an Internet of Things-enabled 3D printed...

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