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Introduction to the “Philosophies of Technology” Series

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Leon Rossmaier 

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Published on September, 29 2022

Introduction to the “Philosophies of Technology” Series

This series of blog posts is the result of the 4TU.Ethics’ PhD course “Philosophies of Technology”. The course aims to introduce students to classic themes, concepts, and authors in the ethics and philosophy of technology.

Students gain the opportunity to engage in discussions with invited lecturers of the 4TU.Ethics community who represent a particular approach or type of research within this field.

The course is organized by Dr. Janna van Grunsven and Dr. Filippo de Santoni Sio  – who selected the five best assignments for publication on 4TU.Ethics’ blog.

The images for this series have been created by Anne Marte with, an AI model that creates images from any prompt. Turns out, very abstract prompts sometimes have very artistic outcomes.

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