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Nature in a box

Images created by

Alessio Gerola

Published on May, 25 2022

Nature in a box

Nature in a box

Is nature a background or a commodity? Here we see the latter, enclosed within a human-sized architectural space that presents it as docile and ready-to-gaze. While urban green is usually a reassuring presence, the heavy architectural elements seem to constrain and stifle any natural impulse, served in a box for our enjoyment. Will future generations appreciate this kind of present?

Nature bites back

Is nature a commodity or a background? Here we see how nature creeps out of dark corners to reclaim spaces that were lost to human-made artifacts. In spite of the foul ambience of this dimly lit back alley, the bright green leaves vigorously stretching out of the mossy bed offer a hopeful homage to nature’s ability to regrow everywhere. Is everything nature after all?

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