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Traces of digital disruption

Images created by Anne Marte Gardenier

Published on June, 17 2022

Traces of digital disruption

Sometimes, the online and the offline world cross paths. Here, you see an analogous trace of the disruption of our daily lives by the digitization of society.

This is the gate to the apartment building where I live. Behind it, there is a bright blue staircase in the open air. This staircase has been discovered by Instagrammers and influencers as a perfect spot for photoshoots. The influencers came in such high frequencies and quantities that the people living here could not stand it anymore. A sign was put up, indicating that taking pictures and videos is now forbidden.

The disruption of our daily lives by the show-off culture of social media has been fixed with a very low-tech solution. Our building is now influencer-free.

About the author: Anne Marte is a PhD candidate at Eindhoven University of Technology where she works on cyber resilience and technological citizenship. As a member of the 4TU Blog editorial board, she makes sure each blog is accompanied with great images.

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