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Traces of digital disruption

Sometimes, the online and the offline world cross paths. Here, you see an analogous trace of the disruption of our daily lives by the digitization of society. This is the gate to the apartment building where I live. Behind it, there is a bright blue staircase in the open air. This staircase has been...

How to become more cyber resilient? Look at the ethical hackers!

Two weeks before the 2020 presidential elections in the US, a Dutch ethical hacker guessed the Twitter password of former president Donald Trump. He didn’t need any technical skills, only a few guesses. He tried variations of Trump’s slogan ‘Make America Great Again’. With maga2020! he got in. As an ethical hacker, he knew...

Self-Censorship around Smart Cameras

Imagine a future with smart cameras everywhere, watching your every move. When you’re at work, at school, getting groceries, driving on the highway, or even when you’re at home watching a movie on your smart TV. You might think: that future doesn’t seem so different from the present. There are surveillance cameras everywhere in...

Rosalie Wealen
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