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do not hire a phd student

Do Not Hire a PhD Student, Hire an Illustrator

For all senior academics working in the philosophy of technology, here is a wild idea. Next time you have a project, and you can hire someone;  don’t hire a PhD student, hire an illustrator. Here’s why. First of all, an illustrator (or graphic designer) can communicate your work. They can bridge human intellects from...


At the 2021 4TU.Ethics bi-annual conference on Ethics and Technology we, a group of 4TU.Ethics PhDs, decided to give the conference’s motto “IT’S ALIVE” a twist. In our symposium “It’s out of the box”, we had just one rule – break as many rules as possible; discursive rules, that is. Our hypothesis was—for some—provocative....

Self-Censorship around Smart Cameras

Imagine a future with smart cameras everywhere, watching your every move. When you’re at work, at school, getting groceries, driving on the highway, or even when you’re at home watching a movie on your smart TV. You might think: that future doesn’t seem so different from the present. There are surveillance cameras everywhere in...

Rosalie Wealen
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