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Collaborating with 4TU.Ethics

Organisations in business and industry, Dutch ministries and government organisations, professional engineering organisations and non-governmental organisations, they may all face difficult ethical questions in relation to technology and innovation. The 4TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology aims at strong interaction with such organisations, as well as with academic (technical) centres and institutes.

Forms that collaboration can take

External collaboration can take the following shape:

  • Lecture + workshop on a specific topic
  • Scenario building
  • Long-term ethical technology assessment
  • Research into the ethical dimensions of technology policy
  • Value-sensitive design for R&D departments
  • Execution of ethical parallel research for R&D projects
  • Scan of innovation projects for ethical aspects
  • Analysis of public debates about the moral aspects of new technologies
  • Joint research proposal for grant programs

More information?

Please contact the assistant director if you would like to receive more specific information or if you would like to discuss possibilities for collaboration in person.

Cooperation statement

General statement regarding all possible cooperations between 4TU.Ethics and other research centres and (consortia of) universities: The 4TU Centre for Ethics and Technology actively promotes respect for human rights all over the world. An important part of the mission of the Centre is to facilitate the creation of a world in which no technologies are used for limiting the freedom of the individual or violate other human rights. Any agreement to cooperate or to explore the cooperation between the 4TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology and other research centres and (consortia of) universities will take place in the spirit of independent academic exchange and dialogue and is not an endorsement of the research, values or applications of technologies developed by the partner university.

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