Master Theses

The Ethics of Domestic Drones: An Ethical Evaluation of the Use of Surveillance-Capable Unmanned Aerial Systems in Civil ContextsJansen, P.H.2015
Critique of digital moneyReijers, Wessel2014
I am confident about my friend : confidence-adjusted intrinsic attitudinal hedonism and virtual friendshipHeyns, E.E. 2016
Scientia est potentia : techno-politics as network(ed) strugglesFichtner, Laura 2014
Neuroimaging, Responsibility, and Law: How Neuroscientific Explanations Challenge the Fundaments of Legal ResponsibilityDoud, Nolina Leora Siegal2016
The epistemology of clinical decision-making : an epistemological analysis of reasoning in clinical practice, and the role of technological measurementsBaalen, Sophie van 2014
Future Internet Architecture : and the Challenges of current InternetArora, C.2016
Exploring Human-Robot Social RelationsWeijers, Stefan 2013
Ethics of AlgorithmsSlot, M.J 2016
The virtues and vices of technology in the classroomRobbins, Scott 2013
The Role of Technology in the Transformation of SexualityKikidis, Savvas 2016
In fairness to future generations : ethical decision making in human experimentationKempers, Ceciel 2014
The ethics of creating human embryos for research for the responsible introduction of artificial gametes in clinical practiceJans, V.A.A.M.2016
Kamuchina Kemombe1: Opening the black-box of technology within the Capability ApproachJanssen, Pim 2010
The technological impact on well-being through listening to music : A theoretical exploration of the impact of technology on the circumstances under which listening to music can induce emotions and with that influence well-beingGeffen, J. van 2015
Moral impact of design : anticipating the moral impact of products-in-design with mediation theory and technomoral scenariosClass, Laura2015
Trust in e-commerce: the moral agency of trust marksChernovich, Elena 2012
Ascetic technologies and autonomy - Enhancing autonomy regarding consumption practicesBurg, J.R. van der 2011
A Reinterpretation of Hannah Arendt as a Philosopher of TechnologyBas, Melis2013