Scientific Publications

From Moral Agents to Moral Factors: The Structural Ethics ApproachPhilip Brey2014
Self-Identity and the Evaluation of Medical TechnologyPhilip Brey2016
Constructive Philosophy of Technology and Responsible InnovationPhilip Brey2016
Ethics of Emerging TechnologiesPhilip Brey2017
Sustainable Technologies for Sustainable LifestylesPhilip Brey2017
Virtual RealityPhilip Brey2005
Artifacts as Social AgentsPhilip Brey2005
Ambient Intelligence and Problems with Inferring Desires from BehaviourPhilip Brey, Johnny Søraker2007
Philosophy of Computing and Information TechnologyPhilip Brey, Johnny Søraker2009
Techniek en alles wat van waarde is / Technology and everyting of value (Inaugural Speech)Philip Brey2008
Do We Have Moral Duties Towards Information Objects?Philip Brey2008
ProstheticsPhilip Brey2005
The Importance of Workplace PrivacyPhilip Brey2005
The Epistemology and Ontology of Human-Computer InteractionPhilip Brey2005
Implementation of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Practices in Industry: Providing the Right IncentivesPhilip Brey, Agata M. Gurzawska, Markus Mäkinen2017
The strategic role of technology in a good societyPhilip Brey2017
Design for the Value of Human Well-BeingPhilip Brey2015
BioengineeringPhilip Brey, Saskia K. Nagel2015
The Physical and Social Reality of Virtual WorldsPhilip Brey2014
From Reflective to Constructive Philosophy of TechnologyPhilip Brey2014
Well-Being in Philosophy, Psychology and EconomicsPhilip Brey2012
Preface to 'Information Overload: An International Challenge to Professor Engineers and Technical Communicators'Philip Brey2012
Anticipating Ethical Issues in Emerging ITPhilip Brey2012
Anticipatory Ethics for Emerging TechnologiesPhilip Brey2012
A Precis of “Philosophy of Computing and Information Technology”Philip Brey, Johnny H. Søraker2009
Philosophy of Computing and Information TechnologyPhilip Brey, Johnny H. Søraker2009
Philosophy of Technology after the Empirical TurnPhilip Brey2010
Values in Technology and Disclosive Computer EthicsPhilip Brey2009
Computer EthicsPhilip Brey2009
Biomedical Engineering EthicsPhilip Brey2009
Virtual Reality and Computer SimulationPhilip Brey2008
Technological Design as an Evolutionary ProcessPhilip Brey2008
Do We Have Moral Duties Towards Information Objects?Philip Brey2008
Human Enhancement and Personal IdentityPhilip Brey2008
Extending Minds and Simulating Worlds: Functional and Phenomenal Roles of the ComputerPhilip Brey2008
The Technological Construction of Social PowerPhilip Brey2007
Ethical Aspects of Information Security and PrivacyPhilip Brey2007
Computer Ethics in (Higher) EducationPhilip Brey2007
Is Information Ethics Culture-Relative?Philip Brey2007
Theorizing the Cultural Quality of New MediaPhilip Brey2007
Social and Ethical Dimensions of Computer-Mediated EducationPhilip Brey2006
Evaluating the Social and Cultural Implications of the InternetPhilip Brey2006
Freedom and Privacy in Ambient IntelligencePhilip Brey2006
Ethical Aspects of Behavior Steering TechnologyPhilip Brey2006
The role of emotions in judging the moral acceptability of risksSabine Roeser2006
Risk Communication, Public Engagement, and Climate Change: A Role for EmotionsSabine Roeser2012
An Emotional Deliberation Approach to RiskSabine Roeser, Udo Pesch2015
Emotional Engineers: Toward Morally Responsible DesignSabine Roeser2010
Intuitions, emotions and gut reactions in decisions about risks: towards a different interpretation of ‘neuroethics’Sabine Roeser2010
Sound Trust and the Ethics of TelecarePhilip J. Nickel, Sander A. Voerman2017
Trust and TestimonyPhilip J. Nickel2012
Voluntary Belief on a Reasonable BasisPhilip J. Nickel2010
Testimonial Entitlement, Norms of Assertion and PrivacyPhilip J. Nickel2013
On Testimony and TransmissionPhilip J. Nickel, J. Adam Carter2014
Artificial Speech and Its AuthorsPhilip J. Nickel2013
Being pragmatic about trustPhilip J. Nickel2016
Freedom through skepticismPhilip J. Nickel2016
Design for the value of trustPhilip J. Nickel2015
Trust in Technological SystemsPhilip J. Nickel2011
Risk and TrustPhilip J. Nickel, Krist Vaesen2011
Horror and the Idea of Everyday Life: On Skeptical Threats in Psycho and The BirdsPhilip J. Nickel2009
Responsibility Ascriptions in Technology Development and Engineering: Three PerspectivesNeelke Doorn2009
Should Probabilistic Design Replace Safety Factors?Neelke Doorn, Sven Ove Hansson2010
Resilience indicators: opportunities for including distributive justice concerns in disaster managementNeelke Doorn2015
Informed Consent in Asymmetrical Relationships: an Investigation into Relational Factors that Influence Room for ReflectionShannon Lydia Spruit, Ibo van de Poel, Neelke Doorn2016
Governance Experiments in Water Management: From Interests to Building BlocksNeelke Doorn2015
Exploring Responsibility Rationales in Research and Development (R&D)Neelke Doorn2012
Editors’ Overview: Experiments, Ethics, and New TechnologiesNeelke Doorn, Shannon Spruit, Zoe Robaey2016
Allocating Responsibility for Environmental Risks: A Comparative Analysis of Examples from Water GovernanceNeelke Doorn2016
The Blind Spot in Risk Ethics: Managing Natural HazardsNeelke Doorn2015
Distribution of responsibility in socio-technical networks: the Promest caseNeelke Doorn2011
Applying Rawlsian Approaches to Resolve Ethical Issues: Inventory and Setting of a Research AgendaNeelke Doorn2009
A Rawlsian Approach to Distribute Responsibilities in NetworksNeelke Doorn2009
A procedural approach to distributing responsibilities in R&D networksNeelke Doorn2010
Saying Privacy, Meaning ConfidentialityLily E. Frank, Abraham P. Schwab, Nada Gligorov2011
Person-Centered Care, Autonomy, and the Definition of HealthLily E. Frank2013
Health, Health Care, and the Contraception RequirementLily E. Frank2013
De Minimis Risk: A Proposal for a New Category of Research RiskLily E. Frank, et al.2011
Consciousness Is More Complicated Than That: Theoretical Limitations of Interactive CapacityMichał Klincewicz, Lily Frank2013
Addiction and Moralization: the Role of the Underlying Model of AddictionLily E. Frank, Saskia K. Nagel2017
A Model for the Assessment of Medical Students’ Competency in Medical EthicsAmanda Favia, Lily Frank, Nada Gligorov, Steven Birnbaum, Paul Cummins, Robert Fallar, Kyle Ferguson, Katherine Mendis, Erica Friedman, Rosamond Rhodes2013
The Ethics of Accident-Algorithms for Self-Driving Cars: an Applied Trolley Problem?Sven Nyholm, Jilles Smids2016
Introduction to 'Autonomy and the Self'Michael Kühler, Nadja Jelinek 2013
Demanding the Impossible: Conceptually Misguided or Merely Unfair?Michael Kühler2015
Ethics on Edge? Moral Demandingness and ‘Ought Implies Can’Michael Kühler, Marcel van Ackeren2015
The Phenomenological Trouble with Moral Dilemmas: Taking ‘Applied Worries’ Seriously within Theoretical EthicsMichael Kühler2012
Who Am I to Uphold Unrealizable Normative Claims?Michael Kühler2010
Risk and ResponsibilityIbo van de Poel, Jessica Nihlén Fahlquist2010
Towards Safety and Sustainability by Design: Nano-sized TiO2 in SunscreensJohannes F. Jacobs, Ibo van de Poel, Patricia Osseweijer2010
Introduction to Moral ResponsibilityNicole A. Vincent, Ibo van de Poel2011
Human Well-Being, Nature and Technology. A Comment on DoratoIbo van de Poel2015
Ethics in Innovation: Cooperation and TensionMerle de Kreuk, Ibo van de Poel, Sjoerd D. Zwart, Mark C.M. van Loosdrecht2010
Engineering EthicsIbo van de Poel2015
Design for sustainabilityIbo van de Poel2016
Translating Values into Design RequirementsIbo van de Poel2013
Can Technology Embody Values?Ibo van de Poel, Peter Kroes2014
A Coherentist View on the Relation Between Social Acceptance and Moral Acceptability of TechnologyIbo van de Poel2016
The Problem of Many Hands: Climate Change as an ExampleIbo van de Poel, Jessica Nihlén Fahlquist, Neelke Doorn, Sjoerd Zwart, Lambèr Royakkers2011
Engineering and the Problem of Moral OverloadJeroen van den Hoven, Ibo van de Poel, Gert-Jan Lokhorst2011
An Ethical Framework for Evaluating Experimental TechnologyIbo van de Poel2015
Clarifying the debate on selection methods for engineering: Arrow’s impossibility theorem, design performances, and information basisJohannes F. Jacobs, Ibo van de Poel, Patricia Osseweijer2014
sCEthics: Embedding Ethical Values in Cognitive EngineeringTjerk de Greef, Arvind Mohabir, Ibo van de Poel, Mark Neerincx2013
Values Matter: Making Values Explicit During the Design ProcessMarc Steen, Ibo van de Poel2012
Sunscreens with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Nano-Particles: A Societal ExperimentJohannes F. Jacobs, Ibo van de Poel, Patricia Osseweijer2010
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Can Technology Embody Values?Ibo van de Poel, Peter Kroes2014
Ethical Considerations in Engineering Design ProcessesAnke van Gorp, Ibo van de Poel2011
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Technology and Parental Responsibility: The Case of the V-ChipJessica Nihlén Fahlquist, Ibo van de Poel2010
Informed Consent in Asymmetrical Relationships: an Investigation into Relational Factors that Influence Room for ReflectionShannon Lydia Spruit, Ibo van de Poel, Neelke Doorn2016
Editors’ Overview: Moral Responsibility in Technology and EngineeringNeelke Doorn, Ibo van de Poel2011
Doxing: a conceptual analysisDavid M. Douglas2016
Towards a just and fair Internet: applying Rawls’ principles of justice to Internet regulationDavid M. Douglas2015
Pre-Owned GamesDavid M. Douglas2013
Making ICT Careers Accessible: The Value of CertificationDavid M. Douglas2012
Bridging the Gap between Social Acceptance and Ethical AcceptabilityBehnam Taebi2016
Teaching Engineering Ethics to PhD Students: A Berkeley–Delft InitiativeBehnam Taebi, William E. Kastenberg2016
Contested Technologies and Design for Values: The Case of Shale GasMarloes Dignum, Aad Correljé, Eefje Cuppen, Udo Pesch, Behnam Taebi2015
Teaching global perspectives: engineering ethics across international and academic bordersMary E. Sunderland, Behnam Taebi, Cathryn Carson, William Kastenberg2014
To Recycle or Not to Recycle? An Intergenerational Approach to Nuclear Fuel CyclesBehnam Taebi, Jan Leen Kloosterman2007
What is morally salient about enhancement technologies?Auke Pols, Wybo Houkes2010
Transferring Responsibility Through Use PlansAuke Pols2010
Plans for Modeling Rational Acceptance of TechnologyWybo Houkes, Auke Pols2013
Limits to Responsible InnovationAuke Pols, Henny Romijn, Evelien de Hoop2016
Irreversible Social ChangeAuke Pols, Henny Romijn2014
How Artefacts Influence Our ActionsAuke Pols2012
Choosing your poison and the time of a killingAuke Pols2012
Characterising affordances: the descriptions-of-affordances-modelAuke Pols2012
Biofuels: Sustainable Innovation or Gold Rush? Identifying Responsibilities for Biofuel InnovationsAnnelies Balkema, Auke Pols2015
Biofuels: Ethical IssuesAuke Pols, Andreas Spahn2014
Affordances and use plans: an analysis of two alternatives to function-based designAuke Pols2015