Educational Materials

4TU.Ethics and its members are deeply involved in educational activities. On this page you’ll find some publications on education, video’s and massive open online courses (MOOCs).


Written Publications

Computer Ethics in (Higher) Education

By Philip Brey. in Computation, Information, Cognition: The Nexus and the Liminal.


Ethical Aspects of the Virtual European University

By Philip Brey a EuroPACE report WG9 for the cEVU-project for the European Commission.


The Role of Social and Ethical Studies of Information Technology in the University Curriculum

By Philip Brey, in Ethical, Psychological and Societal Problems of the Application of ICTs in Education.


Impact! Ethical reflection through art, experience and interaction

By Shannon Spruit, about the ethical aspects of introducing new technologies in society.


Vrije wil: Discussies over verantwoordelijkheid, zelfverwerkelijking en bewustzijn

By Tjeerd van de Laar & Sander Voerman in Dutch. Find the companion website here.



[image-hover-block url=”” title=”TedEx | Nolen Hertz” text=”Nihilism – There’s an app for that.” buttontext=”watch online” image=””] [image-hover-block url=”” title=”TedEx | Sabine Roeser” text=”Emotions should play an important role in debates on risky technology.” buttontext=”watch online” image=””] [image-hover-block url=”” title=”TedEx | Rafaela Hillerbrand” text=”The ethics of sustainable energy.” buttontext=”watch online” image=””] [image-hover-block url=”” title=”TedEx | Peter-Paul Verbeek” text=”Moralizing technology and the ethics of things.” buttontext=”watch online” image=””] [image-hover-block url=”” title=”CPDP | Michael Nagenborg” text=”A CPDP panel session on surveillance and privacy in smart cities.” buttontext=”watch online” image=””]



Innovation: Ethics, Safety and Technology

A MOOC on responsible innovation, ethics, and the value sensitive design approach by Jeroen van den Hoven.


Shooting a Moral Quandary 

An online course in which students develop films on ethical dilemmas, by Shannon Spruit.

Courses for KIVI Chartership

These include courses on ethics aimed at creating responsible engineers, at TUD.


Ethics and Technology

A professional education course developed by Lambert Royakkers for 4TU.Ethics as part of KIVI Chartership. 

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