Our approach

Our approach
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Knowledge transfer is a vital part of ’the Centre’s mission. Without sharing the results of our research with stakeholders outside academia, our research will make little impact society.

Our practices of knowledge transfer have the aim of contributing to better processes and outcomes in the following:

  • Engineering and technology development.
  • Implementation and use of technology.
  • Technology policy.
  • Public discussions about technology.
  • Ethics in educational programmes.

Professionalising Practices

The Centre helps professionalise the knowledge transfer practices by identifying and proposing standards, models, and best approaches for excellent knowledge transfer. These practices are advocated to our members and their departments. We also use them in the evaluation of funding proposals sent to 4TU.Ethics, and in developing proposals for better inclusion of knowledge transfer processes in the activities of the Centre. For example, we stimulate the inclusion of good valorisation components in research proposals.


4TU collaborates with four types of stakeholder: