Dr.Asveld, L. (Lotte)

Delft University of Technology

Section: Philosophy
Faculty: Technology, Policy and Management

Visiting address

Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management Section Philosophy Jaffalaan 5 2628 BX, Delft

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Lotte Asveld started working as postdoctoral researcher at the philosophy department in Delft in spring 2014. Her research focuses on new technologies as social experiments and the conditions under which such experiments are acceptable.

In 2008 Lotte finished her PhD, at the same philosophy department. Her dissertation considered respect for personal autonomy in relation to technological risks. After this she worked at the Rathenau Institute in The Hague between 2007 and 2012, focusing on sustainability in relation to resource use and the bio-economy. She spent a year in Beijing (2012 -2013), organizing research workshops for the Rathenau Institute with Chinese and European participants, and started a new research project for the department of Biotechnology & Society of Delft University, on Responsible Innovation in the bio-economy. This project was finished in spring 2014.

Scientific publications (selection)


  • Asveld, L. and Roeser, S. 2009. The Ethics of Technological Risk. London: Earthscan available online


  • Asveld, Lotte. 2008. Respect for Autonomy and Technological Risk. Simon Stevin Series in the Ethics of Technology, no. 1. Delft: Delft University of Technology. click to open pdf


  • Asveld, L. 2005. Critical Approaches to Technology. Easst Review 24 (2/3):14-14. available online
  • Asveld, L. 2005. That Inaudible Sound: Public Regulation, Risk and Mobile Digital Communication. Paper read at University of Lancaster CESAGen seminar, 26-01-2005, at Lancaster, UK.

Professional/Popular publications (selection)


  • Asveld, L. 2005. Critical Approaches to Technology: Verslag van een Symposium van de Vrije Universiteit te Amsterdam, 10 Juni 2005. Filosofie, 37-37.


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