Dr.Pols, A.J.K. (Auke)

Wageningen University & Research
Section: Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
Faculty: Social Sciences

Domain-Specific Ethics
Ecological Ethics
Environmental Ethics
Ethics of Energy
Methods and Approaches
responsible innovation
Visiting address

Wageningen University, Group of Knowledge, Technology and Innovation De Leeuwenborch (building 201), room 4019 Hollandseweg 1, 6706 KN Wageningen

Mail address

PO Box 8130 6700 EW WAGENINGEN The Netherlands


+31 (0)317 488 268



Auke Pols (1979) is a postdoc in the Knowledge, Technology and Innovation group at Wageningen University on the project ‘RRI Practice’ (https://www.rri-practice.eu/). Aim of this project is to understand the barriers and drivers to the successful implementation of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) both in European and global contexts; to promote reflection on organisational structures and cultures of research conducting and research funding organisations in his case, Wageningen University – and to identify and support best practices to facilitate the uptake of RRI in organisations and research programmes.

Auke studied Cognitive Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University and got his PhD at the Philosophy & Ethics group at Eindhoven University of Technology, where he wrote a dissertation on how we should conceptualise what actions with artefacts are, and how artefacts influence agents and agency. He has worked there as a postdoc on the NWO MVI-project Biofuels: sustainable innovation or gold rush?, where he has investigated ethical aspects of biofuel governance, production and use, and on the NWO MVI-project Developing and implementing smart grids in India, where he has investigated ethical aspects of using smart grids for alleviating energy poverty in rural India.

Auke specialises in responsible innovation, philosophy and ethics of technology, ethical aspects of energy transitions and environmental ethics. All his publications can be accessed at his Academia.edu site at https://wur.academia.edu/AukePols.



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