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Delft University of Technology
Section: Safety & Security Sciences
Faculty: Technology, Policy and Management

Britte Bouchaut is Assistant Professor at the Safety & Security Science group at TU Delft. Her research focuses on the ethics of safety in Chemistry and Biotechnology, and how we can work towards safer and more sustainable industries by means of Safe (and sustainable)-by-Design and Responsible Research and Innovation.    Britte was trained as a chemical analyst (BSc.) and studied Innovation Sciences (MSc.) at Eindhoven University of Technology. She obtained her PhD degree (cum laude) at the Biotechnology & Society group at TU Delft, researching how we can learn what uncertain risks and uncertainties associated with emerging biotechnologies entail, in a safe and responsible way ( T-TRIPP project). As a Postdoctoral researcher, Britte was involved in the EU H2020 Water Mining project.

Visiting address

Gebouw 31 Jaffalaan 5 2628 BX Delft Postbus 5015 2600 GA Delft Room C1.140

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