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Bourban, M. (Michel)

University of Twente

I work in moral, political, and legal philosophy. I carry out research in fields such as environmental ethics, environmental politics, climate justice, animal ethics, and responsible innovation. I currently work on topics such as citizenship, sustainability, ecoanxiety, geoengineering, and energy transition.

Personal website:

Recent publications:

– Bourban, Michel (2022) “Ethics, Energy Transition, and Ecological Citizenship“, in Letcher, Trevor (ed.), Comprehensive Renewable Energy (2nd ed.), Vol.9, Oxford: Elsevier: 204–220.

– Bourban, Michel (2021) “Strong Sustainability Ethics“, Environmental Ethics 43 (4): 291–314.

– Bourban, Michel and Rochel, Johan (2021) “Synergies in Innovation: Lessons Learnt from Innovation Ethics for Responsible Innovation“, Philosophy & Technology 34 (2): 373–394.

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