Dr.Briggle, A.R. (Adam)

University of North Texas

Section: Philosophy
Faculty: Behavioral

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University of North Texas Department of Philosophy and Religion, 1155 Union Circle # 310920, Denton, TX 76203


+1 9405652266


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Please note: Adam Briggle is employed at the University of North Texas, USA. Hence, this webpage is no longer maintained.
His new homepage is at: http://phil.unt.edu/people/faculty/adam-briggle


Adam Briggle graduated with a PhD in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder. His dissertation research was on the President’s Council on Bioethics.


Briggle’s research is interdisciplinary in nature, exploring the connections between science, technology, and society. He is particularly interested in bridging the worlds of academia, public policy, and public culture. Briggle is currently working on the Vici project “Evaluating the Cultural Quality of New Media.” See the description of this project for more information. Within this overall project, his research focuses on the quality of computer-mediated relationships and the meaning of a good life in a high-tech world. He is evaluating the cultural quality of new media, especially in respect to personal relationships, youth culture, and everyday life.

Scientific publications (selection)


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