DrBasta, C. (Claudia)

Delft University of Technology
Section: Philosophy
Faculty: Technology, Policy and Management

Basta, C. (Claudia)
Visiting address

Jaffalaan 5, 2628 BX Delft

Claudia Basta concluded her PhD studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Delft University in June 2009. Her thesis Risk, Territory and Society: Challenge for a Joint European Regulation was developed under the combined supervision of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and the Safety Science Group of the TBM Faculty of Delft University. Her interests gravitate around the matter of site-specific risks in relation to spatial planning, with a focus on the relevant ethical implications.

During her PhD studies Claudia worked as researcher for TNO Bouw in Delft and has cooperated with private as well as non-governmental organizations in the area of Corporate Social Responsbility and business ethics. After her doctoral graduation she happily welcomed the opportunity of working as Coordinator for the 3TU Centre for Ethics and Technology, wherein she can enjoy both the (sometimes complex and demanding) coordination of the centre and her passion for ethical studies. Next to this, Claudia works on her part-time post-doc project Safety as Spatial Value, within which she will keep developing her ethical analysis of risks and hazards in relation to spatial planning.

She spends every single bit of time left in studying applied ethics, philosophy, contemporary history and human geography; she writes an Italian blog, and cultivates scientific journalism and graphic design as hobbies.

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