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de Kanter, A.J. (Anne-Floor)

Utrecht University
Section: Medical Humanities, Julius Center
Faculty: UMC Utrecht

Anne-Floor de Kanter is a PhD student at the Medical Humanities department of the UMC Utrecht. Her project is on the ethical implications of Regenerative Medicine and smart implants, and is supervised by Dr. Karin Jongsma and Prof. Annelien Bredenoord. The project is part of the Materials-driven Regeneration (MDR) consortium, a Dutch fundamental research programme which aims to develop intelligent lifelike materials that can stimulate tissue regeneration after implantation in the human body. In her project, Anne-Floor explores the ethical aspects of these materials, with a particular interest in questions related to embodiment, inclusivity and longevity, taking heart valve implants as her main case study. She obtained her BSc and MSc degree in Life Science & Technology at the Leiden University and the TU Delft, and her MA degree in Applied Ethics at Utrecht University.

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