Derksen, M.H.G. (Mechteld_Hanna)

Mechteld-Hanna Derksen (1979) started as a Ph.D. student in the section of Philosophy and Ethics of Technology (TU/e) in September 2003. She received her BA at the University College Utrecht, where she took courses in a range of fields, from astrophysics and cosmology, social psychology to political theory. She did her Masters at Wageningen University in nature and forest policy, where she also wrote a small thesis in environmental economics on freedom of choice and intergenerational equity. In Eindhoven she has worked on the philosophy and ethics of tissue engineering under the supervision of Prof. Klasien Horstman. This study has an empirical, field research at the Biomedical Engineering department, and a philosophical ethical component. See fpr more information the project ‘Remaking the body and embodiment in tissue engineering’. She defended her PhD thesis in October 2008.

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