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Dr.O’Neill, E.R.H. (Elizabeth)

Eindhoven University of Technology
Section: Philosophy & Ethics
Faculty: Faculteit Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

Mail address

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Postbus 513 5600 MB EINDHOVEN


040-247 5941

I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Eindhoven University of
Technology. I completed my PhD in the Department of History and
Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh in 2015; as an
undergraduate I studied history and biology at Brown University. The
main research project I am working on currently is in moral
epistemology and moral psychology. In particular, I am interested in
the implications of biology and psychology for the epistemic status of
our moral beliefs. In the course of considering this question, I
address topics in epistemology, metaethics, philosophy of cognitive
science, and philosophy of biology. Within applied ethics, my
interests include data science ethics, moral enhancement, and ethical

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