Dr. Fleming Miller, L. (Lantz)

University of Twente
Section: Philosophy
Faculty: BMS


Lantz Fleming Miller attended University of Texas, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University and City University of New York, receiving his PhD in philosophy in 2014, with main interests in moral and sociopolitial philosophy. Giving a central role to the findings of anthropology and archaeology, he has published a number of articles and reviews focusing on human/technologies interaction, such as machine rights, affects on indigenous rights, and volitional evolution of the species, and other topics such as the origin of patriarchy. He is finishing a book on the natural history of equality. Currently he is visiting assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Twente.

Selected Publications
“Granting Automata Human Rights: Challenge to a Basis of Full-Rights Privilege,” Human Rights Review 16(4): 369-391.
“Anticipating the Ultimate Innovation, Volitional Evolution: Can It Not Be Promoted or Implemented Responsibly Journal of Responsible Innovation., published online Nov. 24, 2015. 10.1080/23299460.2015.1107019
“Review of Sex and the Posthuman Condition. By Michael Hauskeller.” Journal of Science and Engineering Ethics, forthcoming.
“Relentless Assimilationist Indigenous Policy: From Invasion of Group Rights to Genocide in Mercy’s Clothing.” Indigenous Policy Journal, forthcoming.
“Review of Consciousness and Moral Responsibility. By Neil Levy.” Journal of Consciousness Studies, forthcoming. 2015.
“Fine-Tuning the Ontology of Patriarchy: A New Approach to Explaining and Responding to a Persisting Social Injustice” Philosophy and Social Criticism 41(9):885-906.
“Review of Beyond Human Nature: How Culture and Experience Shape the Human Mind. By Jesse J. Prinz.” Philosophy Now, June/July 2015..

“‘We Now Control Our Evolution’: Circumventing Ethical and Logical Cul-de-Sacs of an Anticipated Engineering Revolution.” Journal of Science and Engineering Ethics, 20: 1011-1025..
“Is Species Integrity a Human Right? A Rights Issue Emerging from Individual Liberties with New Technologies.” Human Rights Review 2014, 155 2): 177-199.
“Review of Political Emotions: Why Love Matters for Justice. By Martha Nussbaum.” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 17:1009-1010.
“Review of The Trace of God: A Rational Warrant for Belief. By Joseph Hinman.” Studies in Religion 43(3), pp.. 529-531.
“A Unique Challenge for US Indigenous Rights.” Indigenous Policy Journal, Summer 2014, Vol. 25(1).
“Review of Better Humans? Understanding the Enhancement Project. By Michael Hauskeller;” Journal of Responsible Innovation 1(2): 220-224.
“Review of Aging and the Art of Living. By Jan Baars.” American Journal of Bioethics 14 (4): 62-63.

“Review of Why Have Kids? By Jessica Valenti.” Hypatia Online Reviews.
“The Rights of Self-Delimiting Peoples: Protecting Those Who Want No Part of Us.” Human Rights Review 14(1): 31-51.
“Review of King Car and the Ethics of Automobile Proponents’ Strategies in China and India. By Martin Calkins.” Business Ethics Quarterly 23(4): 617-619.
“Review of Beyond Humanity? The Ethics of Biomedical Enhancement. By Allen Buchanan.” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 16(4): 899-900.

“If We Have a Music Instinct, for Which Music?” Philosophy of Music Education Review 20(2): 177-190.
“Review of Humanity’s End: Why We Should Reject Radical Enhancement. By Nicholas Agar.” Human Rights Review 13: 413-415.
“The Moral Philosophy of Automobiles.” Journal of Agricultural and. Environmental Ethics 25: 637-655.
“Review of The Cambridge Companion to Socrates. Edited by Donald Morrison.” Philosophical Inquiry 8(12):81-87.
“Review: Putting the Horse before Descartes. By Bernard E. Rollin.” Journal of Agricultural and. Environmental Ethics.

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