Dr.Novitzky, P. (Peter)

University College London

Peter Novitzky, PhD MA MSc · Senior Research Fellow

AI ethics
applied philosophy
ethics of technology
research ethics
responsible innovation
Scientific publications (for a full list check my ORCID)
  • Novitzky P, Bernstein MJ, Blok V, Braun R, Chan TT, Lamers W, Loeber A, Meijer I, Lindner R, Griessler E: Improve Alignment of Research Policy and Societal Values. The EU Promotes Responsible Research and Innovation in Principle, But Implementation Leaves Much to be Desired. Science 2020 (369)6499:39–41. DOI: 10.1126/science.abb3415
  • Novitzky P, Chen C, Smeaton AF, Verbruggen R, Gordijn B: Informed Consent of Persons with Dementia and Ambient Assisted Living Technologies. In: Elger B, Wangmo T, Jotterand F, Ienca M (eds.): Intelligent Assistive Technologies for Dementia: Clinical, Ethical, Social, and Regulatory Implications, Oxford University Press 2019. Ch. 10. ISBN: 978-01-90459-80-2. DOI: 10.1093/med/9780190459802.003.0010
  • Novitzky P, Chen C, Ho WLC: Caring About Meatballs, Autonomy, and Human Dignity: Neuroethics and the Boundaries of Decision Making Among Persons With Dementia. AJOB Neuroscience 2018 (9)2:96–98. DOI: 10.1080/21507740.2018.1466838
  • Novitzky P, Kokkeler B, Verbeek P-P: The Ethics of Dual-use of Non-military Drones. Het Tijdschrift voor Veiligheid 2018 (17)1–2:79–95. DOI: 10.5553/TvV/187279482018017102007
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