Dr. Sadowski, J. (Jathan)

Delft University of Technology
Section: Ethics/Philosophy of Technology
Faculty: Technology, Policy, and Management

I am a Visiting Lecturer in Ethics of Technology at TU Delft. I have a PhD in the “Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology” and an MA in “Applied Ethics,” both from Arizona State University.

While my main disciplinary home is the field of science and technology studies, my research and teaching is also informed by my specialities in political economy and social theory. My work often focuses on information/communication technologies (ICT). I am particularly interested in how political issues—such as power asymmetries, competing interests, ideological frameworks, and uneven development—influence the design, deployment, and use of ICT. I believe that by analyzing the ideas, institutions, and interests that create socio-technical systems we can better engage with their impacts and shape their creation. To that end, I typically direct my attention to transformative technologies that are shaping society right now and in the near future. My main topic right now is the visions and politics of the “smart city.”

I also write essays about the politics/ethics of technology for major media outlets like The Guardian, The Nation, Slate, and many others. You can find a list of those publications on my website.

Academic Publications

– Selin C, Rawlings KC, de Ridder-Vignone K, Sadowski J, Allende CA, Gano G, Davies S, and Guston DH. (Forthcoming). “Experiments in Engagement: Designing Public Engagement with Science and Technology for Capacity Building.” Public Understanding of Science. DOI: 10.1177/0963662515620970

– Halpern MK, Sadowski J, Eschrich J, Finn E, and Guston DH. (Forthcoming). “Stitching Together Creativity and Responsibility: Interpreting Frankenstein Across Disciplines.” Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society. DOI: 10.1177/0270467616646637 [Part of special issue: “Science and Science Fiction”]

– Sadowski J and Guston DH. (2016). “’You Caught Me Off Guard’: Probing the Futures of Complex Engineered Nanomaterials.” Journal of Nanoparticle Research 18 (7): 208. [Part of special issue: “Anticipatory Governance of Complex Engineered Nanomaterials”]

– Sadowski J. and Pasquale F. (2015). “The Spectrum of Control: A Social Theory of the Smart City.” First Monday 20 (7): online.

– Sadowski J. and Guston DH. (2015). “Technology Assessment in the USA: Distributed Institutional Governance.” Technology Assessment – Theory and Practice 24 (1): 53-59. [Invited article for special issue: “TA as an Institutionalized Practice – Recent National Developments and Challenges”]

– Sadowski J. (2015). “Office of Technology Assessment: History, Implementation, and Participatory Critique.” Technology in Society 42: 9-20.

– Selin C. and Sadowski J. (2015). “Against Blank Slate Futuring: Noticing Obduracy in the City through Experiential Methods of Public Engagement.” In J. Chilvers and M. Kearnes (eds.), Remaking Participation: Science, Environment and Emergent Publics (p. 218-237). New York: Routledge. [Individually Reviewed Chapter].

– Selinger E, Sadowski J, and Seager TP. (2015). “Gamification and Morality.” In S.P. Waltz and S. Deterding (eds.), The Gameful World: Approaches, Issues, Applications, (p. 371-392). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. [Individually Reviewed Chapter].

– Sadowski J. (2014). “Leaning on the Ethical Crutch: A Critique of Codes of Ethics.” IEEE Technology and Society Magazine 33 (4): 44-47, 72 [Featured article].

– Wender BA, Foley RW, Prado-Lopez V, Ravikumar D, Eisenberg DA, Hottle TA, Sadowski J, Flanagan WP, Fisher A, Laurin L, Bates ME, Linkov I, Seager TP, Fraser MP, & Guston DH. (2014). “Illustrating Anticipatory Life Cycle Assessment for Emerging Photovoltaic Technologies.” Environmental Science & Technology 48 (18): 10531-10538 [Featured cover article].

– Sadowski J. and Selinger E. (2014). “Creating a Taxonomic Tool for Technocracy and Applying it to Silicon Valley.” Technology in Society 38: 161-168.

– Sadowski J. (2014). “Exoskeletons in a Disabilities Context: The Need for Social and Ethical Research.” Journal of Responsible Innovation 1 (2): 214-219.

– Wender BA, Foley RW, Sadowski J, Hottle TA, Prodo-Lopez V, Eisneberg DE, and Seager TP. (2014). “Anticipatory Life Cycle Assessment for Responsible Research and Innovation.” Journal of Responsible Innovation 1 (2): 200-207.

– Sadowski J, Spierre SG, Selinger E, Seager TP, Adams EA, and Berardy A. (2013). “Intergroup Cooperation in Common Pool Resource Dilemmas.” Science and Engineering Ethics. 21 (5): 1197-1215.

– Sadowski J, Seager TP, Selinger E, Spierre SG, and Whyte KP. (2013). “An Experiential, Game- Theoretic Pedagogy for Sustainability Ethics.” Science and Engineering Ethics 19 (3): 1323-1339.

– Whyte KP, Selinger E, Caplan A, and Sadowski J. (2012). “Nudge, Nudge or Shove, Shove – What to do to Increase the Supply of Donated Organs.” American Journal of Bioethics 12 (2): 32-39. [Four commentaries on this article were published in the same issue.]

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