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Dr.Yaghmaei, E. (Emad)

Delft University of Technology
Section: Ethics/Philosophy of Technology
Faculty: Technology, Policy and Management

Visiting address

Jaffalaan 5, 2628 BX Delft (building 31) Room number: B4.040

Mail address

PO Box 5015, 2600 GA, Delft, The Netherlands


+31 15 27 83706

Emad Yaghmaei is a postdoctoral researcher in Ethics and Technology at Delft University of Technology. His doctoral dissertation conjoined a strong grounding in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) with an empirical study on the role of RRI in industry. By combining context- sensitive and empirical research on RRI principles, He illustrated how ‘Responsibility’ can enrich Research and Development (R&D) within companies.
His current research projects focus on RRI principles in industrial contexts to demonstrate how industry can work productively together with societal actors to integrate methodologies of RRI into research and innovation processes. As a response to integrating RRI principles in industry he has coined the notion of ‘measuring RRI performance in industry’: He developed a method to intuitively score performance on certain RRI dimensions. The scoring method builds upon earlier innovation quality monitoring tools and expands those tools with specific RRI elements.
Research interests 
• Responsible Innovation Performance Management
• Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)
• Developing Strategies to Embed Social and Ethical Values into Emerging Technologies
• Responsible Innovation Assessment
• Sustainable Development Goals Assessment
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