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Dr.Ishmaev, G. (Georgy)

Delft University of Technology
Faculty: EWI

Georgy Ishmaev is a Postdoctoral researcher for Distributed Systems group at TU Delft and the Delft Blockchain Lab. His work concerns the ethics of decentralized systems, with a specific focus on decentralized organisations, identity management systems, and ethics of private data. Before joining Distributed Systems, he worked as a PhD researcher at the department of Values, Technology & Innovation/TPM of TU Delft. His PhD thesis on the ethical issues of blockchain technology applications was supervised by Prof. Jeroen van den Hoven.


Ishmaev, G., Dennis, M. and van den Hoven, M.J., 2021. Ethics in the COVID-19 pandemic: myths, false dilemmas, and moral overload. Ethics and Information Technology, pp.1-16.

de Vos, Martijn, Georgy Ishmaev, and Johan Pouwelse. “Match: A decentralized middleware for fair matchmaking in peer-to-peer markets.” In Proceedings of the 21st International Middleware Conference, pp. 74-88. 2020.

Ishmaev, G., 2020. Sovereignty, privacy, and ethics in blockchain-based identity management systems. Ethics and Information Technology, pp.1-14.

Ishmaev, G., 2020. The ethical limits of blockchain-enabled markets for private IoT data. Philosophy & Technology, 33(3), pp.411-432.

Ishmaev, G. and Stokkink, Q., 2020. Identity management systems: Singular identities and multiple moral issues. Frontiers in Blockchain, 3, p.15.

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