Ishmaev, G. (Georgy)

Delft University of Technology
Faculty: TBM

Georgy Ishmaev is a PhD candidate at VTI/TBM of Delft University of Technology working on the ethics of private data protection. His research is focused on the specific ethical challenges brought by the widespread implementation of personal sensor systems for biometric data collection (‘self-quantification’). Particular emphasis is put on the responsibilities of sensor system providers regarding the transparency of private data flows and data interpretation algorithms. He is specifically interested how epistemic constraints of systems claimed to provide individuals with objective insights on the ‘self’ (personality traits, behavioral patterns, etc.) translate into ethical responsibilities of system designers and providers.

Georgy Ishmaev holds an MA by research in Philosophy of Information from University of Hertfordshire (UK). The title of his MA thesis is: “Epistemic analysis of the information closure principle and the sceptical problem”. The aim of the thesis was to clarify the epistemic status of the particular instance of the epistemic closure principle interpreted in the logic of ‘being informed’ (ICP) and to propose solutions on how the ICP can be reconciled with the sceptical problem, employing an approach from epistemic contextualism.

Conference talks and proceedings:

  • “Ethical issues of private data protection in MEMS sensor enhanced biometric information systems.” Amsterdam Privacy Conference. Amsterdam, Netherlands, 23-26 October. 2015
  • “On the ethical justification of Privacy” European Meeting on Cybernetics and system research. Vienna, Austria, 10-13. April, 2014.
  • “Privacy as an Ethical Value”. XXIII World Congress of Philosophy. Athens, Greece       4-10 August, 2013.
  • “On the Information Closure Principle and Ethics of Data-Mining”. International Association for Computing and Philosophy, IACAP World Congress 2012. Birmingham, UK, 2-6 July 2012.
  • “The Information Closure Principle and the Problem of Scepticism”. Seventh European Congress on Analytic Philosophy. Milan, Italy, 1-6 September 2011.
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