Dr.Hayes, P. (Paul)

Paul Hayes is Research Analyst at Trilateral Research.

Paul developed his research interests and expertise serving in different capacities across his career, starting with his role as a doctoral researcher at Trinity College Dublin under the remit of the EU FP7 SLANDAIL project, where he researched the ethics and human rights implications of algorithms deployed to scrape social media for actionable information for natural disaster response. This was followed by a short stint as a research assistant on the EU H2020 project Real Smart Cities, where he helped support humanities-based research on the concept of the Smart City. More recently, Paul completed a Postdoc in TU Delft on the Dutch Research Council funded project VW Data P4, which examined responsible data innovation in justice and security, with a focus on transparency of algorithms. Over the course of these roles, Paul has collaborated with colleagues to publish a number of papers that utilise different frameworks to analyse the relevant ethical issues.


Paul is currently working on the EU H2020 OPTIMAI project. OPTIMAI aims to innovate and improve industrial manufacturing processes through several complementary and enabling technologies and tools including sensors, AI, simulation, augmented reality, and distributed ledgers. Paul will contribute to ethical and legal analyses with the aim of supporting the development of sustainable technologies that are based on respect for human rights, values, and ethical principles.

Paul’s primary research interests lie in uncovering the ethical implications of the use and design of digital technologies, particularly from the perspective of rights and values, with a view to understanding how adverse implications might be mitigated through policy and design. Paul has a particular interest in the concepts of privacy and transparency

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