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Dr.Hayes, P. (Paul)

Technological University Dublin

Paul Hayes is a TU Dublin based postdoctoral researcher working with the ADAPT Centre’s Transparent Digital Governance strand, where he researches ethical issues pertaining to artificial intelligence.

Paul’s academic background is in ethics and human rights, with a particular focus on the ethical and human rights implications stemming from the design, implementation, and deployment of digital technology.

Since graduating from Trinity College Dublin with a PhD in Ethics and Human Rights, Paul has also gone on to conduct research on the ethics of algorithms in justice and security in TU Delft, and has supported ethics and legal research and guidance on Industry 4.0 with Trilateral Research.


Paul’s primary research interests lie in uncovering the ethical implications of the use and design of digital technologies, particularly from the perspective of rights and values, with a view to understanding how adverse implications might be mitigated through policy and design. Paul has a particular interest in the concepts of privacy and transparency.

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