prof. drHorstman, K. (Klasien)

Eindhoven University of Technology
Section: History, Philosophy and Technology Studies
Faculty: Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

Visiting address

Room IPO 0.13

Mail address

P.O. Box 513 5600 MB EINDHOVEN The Netherlands


+31 (0)40 247 4753

In her dissertation (1996) Klasien Horstman analysed how medical science and technologies played a role in the rise of modern, large scale life insurance business at around 1900, and how these institutional insurance arrangements in turn stimulated a predictive, risk oriented style in medicine and new ideals of citizenship. She also contributed to the development of a women studies trajectory in the Department of health sciences and she published on gender and insurance, gender and health etc. The last years the interest in themes like danger and risk, fate and will, control and responsibility has been worked out in sociological, social philosophical and normative analyses of predictive- and preventive technologies and –practices. Currently she studies the role of genetics in the framing of coronary heart diseases, the relation between prevention of coronary heart disease by life style change and by genetic screening programmes, and the different ideals of a ”good life” that are related to these prevention strategies. In 2003 she started a comparative analysis of clinical-genetic and population genetic technologies and practices. Since 2001 she is involved in a research project which explicitly tries to develop a new theoretical frame to deal with the ethical issues with respect to genetic technologies as public issues: central concepts in this study are public responsibility and citizenship. In September 2001 she became Professor in Philosophy and Ethics of Bio-Engineering from a Humanistic Perspective at the Technical University Eindhoven (Socrates Chair).

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