What is the position and status of technology when it goes into the realm of politics between nature and society? With the concern of environmental sustainability, I has completed a master’s thesis on green architecture and appropriate technology and earned a master’s degree in STS (science and technology studies). Besides this major background, I also have a bachelor degree in nuclear science and one year (2012-2013) doctoral training in sociology.

After justifying the politically positive roles that technologies could play for “doing” green politics in the thesis, I turned to philosophy of technology because of my further curiousness about the relationship between political materials and material politics: how could/would they fit and deserve each other? Thus, in September 2013, I moved from Taiwan to the Netherlands and joined the Department of Philosophy at the University of Twente as a Ph.D. student. Based on the concept of technological mediation, I am now focusing on how mediating power that technologies export can be justified and allowed in a revised model of democratic politics, which concerns not only humans but also nonhumans. Figuring out a new understanding of democracy to include various technical artifacts for a nature-society association is the primary goal of my doctoral research.

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