Kraaijeveld, S. R. (Steven)

Wageningen University & Research
Section: Communication, Philosophy, and Technology
Faculty: Philosophy

Recent Publications:

Kraaijeveld, Steven R. (OnlineFirst). “Vaccinating for Whom? Distinguishing between Self-Protective, Paternalistic, Altruistic and Indirect Vaccination.” Public Health Ethics.

Kraaijeveld, Steven R. (OnlineFirst). “Continuous Glucose Monitoring as a Matter of Justice.” HEC Forum.

Kraaijeveld, Steven R. (2020). “Debunking (the) Retribution (Gap).” Science and Engineering Ethics.

Kraaijeveld, Steven R., and Hanno Sauer. (2019). “Metamorality without Moral Truth.” Neuroethics 12, no. 2: 119-131.

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