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Kraaijeveld, S. R. (Steven)

Wageningen University
Section: Communication, Philosophy, and Technology
Faculty: Philosophy

Recent Publications:

Kraaijeveld, Steven R. (2021). “Experimental Philosophy of Technology.” Philosophy & Technology.

Kraaijeveld, Steven R. (2020). “Vaccinating for Whom? Distinguishing between Self-Protective, Paternalistic, Altruistic and Indirect Vaccination.” Public Health Ethics 13 (2): 190-200.

Kraaijeveld, Steven R. (2020). “Debunking (the) Retribution (Gap).” Science and Engineering Ethics 26 (3): 1315–1328.

Kraaijeveld, Steven R. (OnlineFirst). “Continuous Glucose Monitoring as a Matter of Justice.” HEC Forum.

Kraaijeveld, Steven R., and Hanno Sauer. (2019). “Metamorality without Moral Truth.” Neuroethics 12: 119-131.

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