Prof. dr. ir.Kroes, P.A. (Peter)

Delft University of Technology

Section: Philosophy
Faculty: Technology, Policy and Management

Other Philosophical Disciplines
Philosophy of Science
philosophy of technology
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Jaffalaan 5
Room b3.350

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P.O. Box 5015 2600 GA Delft The Netherlands


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Peter Kroes (1950 studied physical engineering at the University of Technology Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and wrote a Ph.D.-thesis on philosophical problems concerning the notion of time in modern physical theories (University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 1982).

Since 1995 he is professor in philosophy, more in particular philosophy of technology, at the University of Technology Delft. His main areas of interest are philosophy of technology and philosophy of science.

Important publications: Time: its structure and role in physical theories (Dordrecht: Reidel, 1985), Filosofie van de natuurkunde (Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff, 1987), Technological development and science in the industrial age (Dordrecht: Kluwer Acad. Publishers, 1992), and Ideaalbeelden van wetenschap; een inleiding tot de wetenschapsfilosofie (Amsterdam: Boom, 1996).

Scientific publications (selection)


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Professional/Popular publications (selection)


  • Vermaas, Pieter, Peter Kroes, Ibo Van de Poel, Maarten Franssen, en Wybo Houkes. 2009. Kernthema's in de technische wetenschap. Boom. available online


  • Kroes, P.A. 2006. Kernenergie: Morele Dilemma’s. Paper read at lezing Rotary Club, 21-03-2006, at Delft.


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