Visiting address

Cubicus, Room: C315 Drienerlolaan 5 7522 NB Enschede

Olga Kudina is a PhD candidate at the Philosophy Department of Twente University. She works on a project “Mediated Morality: Google Glass, Sex Selection, and the complex interactions between ethics and technology.” Her research will contribute to conceptualizing moral mediation as fostered by mutual shaping of humans and technology. Olga’s research interests are related to Postphenomenology, Techno-moral change, New and emerging technologies and privacy.

Olga’s academic and professional background is interdisciplinary. She initially graduated with a bachelor and master degree in International economic relations in Kyiv (Ukraine). For two years Olga worked in Council of Europe in the field of personal data protection. Olga pursued a second master degree in “European Studies on Society, Science and Technology” in Maastricht (the Netherlands). As a part of her master’s project Olga participated in the EU 7th Framework Project on surveillance and security technology of virtual fences. Her thesis was used to formulate a final report on social and ethical implications of this technology. Prior to obtaining a PhD position, Olga did a research internship at Maastricht University in the field of philosophy of technology, focusing on fostering reflection on soft societal impacts of nanomedicine, particularly of Targeted Drug Delivery.

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