Dr.Lehtinen, S. (Sanna)

Aalto University
Section: Transdisciplinary Art Studies Unit (TAS)
Faculty: School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Sanna Lehtinen (PhD 2015, Univ. of Helsinki) is a Research Fellow in the Transdisciplinary Art Studies Unit (TAS) at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Her research focuses on urban environmental aesthetics and the philosophy of the city. Sanna’s publications include journal articles published in Open Philosophy, Essays in Philosophy, and Behaviour & Information Technology, articles in volumes published by Routledge and Springer as well as editing special issues for Contemporary Aesthetics and Open Philosophy. Sanna is the President of the Finnish Society for Aesthetics and Codirector of the international Philosophy of the City Research Group. Her current research interests include the aesthetics of new urban technologies and the environmental philosophy in the era of climate collapse.

environmental philosophy
Ethics of the Built Environment
Methods and Approaches
philosophy of technology
Philosophy of the City
Sustainability Science
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