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Dr.Lucivero, F. (Federica)

University of Oxford
Section: Ethox Department

My research interests are located at the crossroad of philosophy and ethics of emerging technologies and science and technology studies. I have been exploring theoretical and methodological questions concerning governance of innovation in the biomedical field (bionic technologies, specifically brain computer interfaces, molecular diagnostics, robots and, currently, digital health and mHealth). In my studies, I combine theoretical and methodological analysis with empirical studies. My current research investigates the ethical and social aspects of digital and mobile health, with a particular focus on the way portability of healthcare redefines normative boundaries in medicine and beyond.

Visiting address

Big Data Institute University of Oxford Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Information and Discovery Old Road Campus Oxford OX3 7LF UK


+44 (0) 1865 287887


I’m a researcher at the University of Oxford.

I completed my master degree in Philosophy at the University of Pisa in March 2007 with a thesis on “Brain-Machine Interfaces and Persons: ontological and ethical issues”. In my thesis, I have outlined an approach to the ethical monitoring of these bioengineering emerging technologies, focusing on their impact on personal identity and autonomy.

In addition to academic work, my experience also includes working as trainee at the European Commission DG Research and Technological Development.


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