Luisa Marin

Twente University
Faculty: BMS

General Information:

Dr. Luisa Marin is Assistant Professor of European Law since November 2007. She is affiliated to the Centre for European Studies (CES), and Research Fellow of the Institute for Governance Studies (IGS).

Areas of expertise


European Criminal law


Judicial Cooperation Criminal Matters


Constitutional Analysis of EU Law

Research and Publications:

Dr. Marin’s research focuses on the implications of governance regimes and regulatory choices on constitutional rules and concepts and tries to provide suggestions on how to “adjust” them, with the traditional toolkit of constitutionalism.

Luisa has written (articles, book chapters, edited book) on the European Arrest Warrant, exploring the relations between mutual recognition, mutual trust and fundamental rights, aiming to find how the implementation of European instruments into Member States’ legal orders can be accommodated in a harmonious way with respect to the constitutional dimension.

Luisa deals with other policies of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice and its governance, such as data protection and Internet, data protection and surveillance, but also border surveillance. More recently, Luisa investigates on how technologies affect policies and their implications on the legal dimension, with specific reference to drone technology in border surveillance.

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