Bosschaert, M. (Mariska)

Visiting address

Duivenkamp 425 3607 BE Maarssenbroek

Mail address

Duivenkamp 425 3607 BE Maarssenbroek



I have received my master’s degree at VU University in both theology and philosophy. My Philosophy master’s thesis was about how to get new insights for philosophy from a film about artificial intelligence.

My PhD research goes back to the empirical turn. At the end of the previous century, several philosophers of technology decided that they wanted to conduct their philosophy of technology differently from philosophers like Martin Heidegger and Jacques Ellul. This is now called the empirical turn.

But the arguments of empirical turn philosophers harbour fallacies. In my dissertation I evaluate the arguments for the empirical turn in order to be able to outline what problems they tried to solve and what the consequences are of the solutions they proposed.

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