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Bosschaert, M. (Mariska)

Wageningen University

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Rembrandtlaan 67 3443 EC Woerden

Mail address

Rembrandtlaan 67 3443 EC Woerden



I have received my master’s degree at VU University in both theology and philosophy. My Philosophy master’s thesis was about how to get new insights for philosophy from a film about artificial intelligence.

My PhD research goes back to the empirical turn in the philosophy of technology. During the empirical turn several philosophers decided that they needed to study technologies at the micro-level in order to understand their particularities. This turn has gained new insights about technologies, but their turn away from the systemic level of analysis resulted in a limitation as well. In this research we will try to find a way to relate the ontic and ontological levels of studying technologies without loosing the gains from the empirical turn.

Next to my PhD research, I’m coordinator at the 4TU.Ethics and Technology.

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