Prof.Coeckelbergh, M.J.K. (Mark)

University of Vienna

Section: Philosophy

Visiting address

Institut für Philosophie Universität Wien Neues Intitutsgebäude, HS 3B Universitätsstraße 7 1010 Wien Austria

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Mark Coeckelbergh (PhD, University of Birmingham, UK) is Professor of Philosophy of Media and Technology at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Vienna.

He maintains a lively WordPress Website, where there is more information about his publications.

NB The publication list below only goes to 2010.



Scientific publications (selection)


  • Coeckelbergh, Mark. "Human Development or Human Enhancement? A Methodlogical Reflection on Capabilities and the Evaluation of Information Technologies", Ethics and Information Technology (on-line 6 June 2010) available online
  • Coeckelbergh, Mark. 2010 "Moral Appearances: Emotions, Robots, and Human Morality", Ethics and Information Technology (on-line 17 March 2010) available online
  • Coeckelbergh, Mark. 2010. 'Robot Rights? Towards a Social-Relational Justification of Moral Consideration'. Ethics and Information Technology 12(3): 209-221 available online
  • Coeckelbergh, Mark. 2010. 'You, Robot: On the Linguistic Construction of Artificial Others' in: AI & Society (on-line 10 August 2010) available online
  • Coeckelbergh, Mark. 2010. "Criminals or Patients? Towards a Tragic Conception of Moral and Legal Responsibility" Criminal Law and Philosophy 4(2): 233-244 available online


  • Coeckelbergh, M. 2009. 'Distributive Justice and Cooperation in a World of Humans and Non-Humans: A Contractarian Argument for Drawing Non-Humans into the Sphere of Justice' in: Res Publica 15(1): 67 available online
  • Coeckelbergh, M. 2009. 'Personal Robots, Appearance, and Human Good: A Methodological Reflection on Roboethics' in: International Journal of Social Robotics 1(3): 217-221 available online
  • Coeckelbergh, M. 2009. 'The Public Thing: On the Idea of a Politics of Artefacts' in: Techne 13(3)
  • Coeckelbergh, M. 2009. 'Virtual Moral Agency, Virtual Moral Responsibility' in: AI & Society 24(2), 181-189 available online
  • Coeckelbergh, M. 2010. 'Engineering Good: How Engineering Metaphors Help Us to Understand the Moral Life and Change Society' in: Science and Engineering Ethics 16(2): 371-385 available online
  • Coeckelbergh, M. 2010. 'Health Care, Capabilities, and AI Assistive Technologies' in: Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 13(2): 181-190 available online
  • Coeckelbergh, M.J.K. 2009. Risk and Public Imagination: Mediated Risk Perception as Imaginative Moral Judgment. In The Ethics of Technological Risk edited by L. Asveld and S. Roeser. London: Earthscan Publishers available online


  • Coeckelbergh, M.J.K. 2008. Mogelijkheid van een eiland. Houellebecq's heimwee naar de mens. Wijsgerig perspectief op maatschappij en wetenschap 48 (1):38-49.


  • Coeckelbergh, M. 2007. 'Violent Computer Games, Empathy, and Cosmopolitanism' in: Ethics and Information Technology 9(3): 219-231 available online
  • Coeckelbergh, M. 2007. ‘Principles or Imagination? Two Approaches to Global Justice’ in: Journal of Global Ethics 3(2), August 2007, 203-221. available online
  • Coeckelbergh, M. 2007. Imagination and Principles: An Essay on the Role of Imagination in Moral Reasoning. Basingstoke/New York: Palgrave Macmillan. available online
  • Coeckelbergh, M.J.K. 2007. Who Needs Empathy? A Response to Goldie's Arguments against Empathy and Suggestions for an Account of Mututal Perspective-shifting in Contexts of Help and Care. Ethics and Education 2 (1). available online
  • Coeckelbergh, M.J.K. and Mesman, J. 2007. With Hope and Imagination: Imaginative Moral Decision-Making in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 10 (1):3-21 click to open pdf
  • Coeckelbergh, M.J.K. and Wackers, G. 2007. Imagination, Distributed Responsibility and Vulnerable Technological Systems: The Case of Snorre A. Science and Engineering Ethics 2 (13):235-248. click to open pdf


  • Coeckelbergh, M. 2006. ‘Regulation or Responsibility? Autonomy, Moral Imagination, and Engineering’ in: Science, Technology, & Human Values 31(3): 1-24 available online


  • Coeckelbergh, M. 2004. The Metaphysics of Autonomy: The Reconciliation of Ancient and Modern Ideals of the Person. Basingstoke/New York: Palgrave Macmillan. available online


  • Busby, J.S. and M. Coeckelbergh. 2003. ‘The Social Ascription of Obligations to Engineers’ in: Science and Engineering Ethics 9(3): 363-376 available online


  • Coeckelbergh, M. 2002. Liberation and Passion: Reconstructing the Passion Perspective on Human Being and Freedom. Alfter/Bonn: DenkMal Verlag. available online


  • Coeckelbergh, M. 2001. ‘Grenzen en mogelijkheden van een personalistische bedrijfsethiek’ in: Ethische Perspectieven 11(1-2): 69-72. available online

Professional/Popular publications (selection)


  • Coeckelbergh, M.J.K. & Wackers, G. 2008. Vulnerability and imagination in the Snorre A gas blowout and recovery. WorldOil. available online


  • Coeckelbergh, M.J.K. 2007. Empathisch Wereldburgerschap als Moreel Ideaal. Filosofie 17 (5):14-17 available online
  • Coeckelbergh, M.J.K. 2007. Risico en Publieke Verbeelding: van Perceptie tot Moreel Oordeel. Filosofie 3 (17):39-44 available online