Prof. dr. ir. Meijers, A.W.M. (Anthonie)

Eindhoven University of Technology

Section: Philosophy
Faculty: Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

behavior change
Collective Action
Ethics of Persuasive Technologies
Philosophy of Mind
Visiting address

Room IPO 1.12

Mail address

P.O. Box 513 5600 MB Eindhoven The Netherlands


+31 (0) 40 247 2026

Anthonie W.M. Meijers (1953) is professor of the philosophy and ethics of technology at Eindhoven University.  He studied mechanical engineering (Delft 1978) and philosophy (Utrecht 1987) and received his PhD in philosophy at Leiden University (1994). His dissertation was on the foundation of Searle’s theory of speech acts in his theory of mind, for which he did extensive research at Berkeley. Anthonie Meijers ‘s research interests include: the theory of artefacts, agency and artefacts, the epistemology of the technical sciences, ethics and behavior change technologies, and the theory of collective action and collective intentionality.

Anthonie Meijers is co-founder and since 2005 editor in chief of the international journal Philosophical Explorations. He is the editor of the handbook Philosophy of Technological Sciences. This handbook is part of a 14 volume series in the philosophy of science, published by Elsevier Science.

Scientific publications (selection)


  • Meijers, AWM 2008. Philosophical explorations 11 (1-3).


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  • Kroes, P.A., and A.W.M. Meijers, eds. 2006. Introduction: The Dual Nature of Technical Artefacts. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, vol. 37, issue1, 1-4.


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