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Robbins, S.A. (Scott)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Section: Department of Philosophy

I am currently a PhD researcher at the VU. Before coming to Amsterdam I received my Bachelor’s of Science in computer science at California State University, Chico (cum laude). After extensive traveling in Asia, Africa, and Europe and working as a computer scientist in Seattle I went on to receive my Master’s of Science in Ethics and Technology at the University of Twente (cum laude). My master’s thesis was an ethical evaluation of technology in the classroom. My main areas of interest are virtue ethics, moral philosophy, epistemology, and philosophy of technology.

I am currently researching the implications of scientific research in evolutionary biology on the concept of morality within the project Science Beyond Scientism. Some philosophers conclude that morality can be reduced to our biology while others have claimed that morality is a mere illusion. I will investigate these claims by analyzing the validity of their overall argument as well as placing their conception of morality within the philosophical debate. My hypothesis is that their conception of morality will fit neither with our intuition nor classic philosophical conceptions. My goal will then be to understand what the scientific research in evolutionary biology does tell us about morality.

Departmental website here.

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