Dr.Robichaud, P. (Philip)

TU Deflt

Section: Philosophy
Faculty: TBM

I am a philosopher working on the awesome "Enhancing Responsibility" project. The project explores the impact that cognitive enhancement technologies have on issues of moral and legal responsibility. I also write about the epistemic condition of moral responsibility and neuroethics. I teach in various areas of applied ethics and ethical theory.

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Scientific publications (selection)


  • Robichaud, P. (forthcoming) “On Culpable Ignorance and Akrasia”. Ethics.


  • Robichaud, P. (2014) “Moral capacity enhancement does not entail moral status enhancement". American Journal of Bioethics, 14(4), 33-34.
  • Santoni de Sio F., Robichaud P., and Vincent N.A (2014), Who Should Enhance? Conceptual and Normative Dimensions of Cognitive Enhancement. Humana.Mente Jour. of Phil. Stud. 26:179-197 click to open pdf
  • Santoni de Sio, F, Robichaud, P., & Vincent, NA (2014) “Who should enhance? Conceptual and normative dimensions of cognitive enhancement”. Humana.Mente: Journal of Philosophical Studies.


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