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Marchiori, S. (Samuela)

Delft University of Technology
Section: Ethics and Philosophy of Technology
Faculty: Technology, Policy, and Management

Marchiori, S. (Samuela)
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Samuela Marchiori is a PhD candidate in conceptual engineering in the philosophy of technology at TU Delft. Before joining TU Delft, she obtained graduate degrees in law (JD ’20, University of Trento) and philosophy of technology (MSc ’22, University of Twente), and was a visiting student researcher at Columbia University (’19).


Samuela’s research lies at the intersection of philosophy, law, and technology, with a focus on the moral and legal philosophy of new and emerging digital technologies, and an emphasis on artificial intelligence. Her PhD project focuses on moral concept change in relation to socially disruptive technologies (SDTs).


  • Marchiori, S. (2022). MaxSAT meets Alexy. A computational approach to solve trolley problem-like scenarios in the legal sphere. Journal of Ethics and Legal Technologies, 4(2), 105-116.
  • Marchiori, S. (2022). Mind the gap. Enhancing the ethical regulation of low-code/no-code AI platforms. Master’s thesis, University of Twente.
  • Jansen, P., Henschke, A., Erden, Y. J., Marchiori, S., Brey, P., & Hoefsloot, M. (2021). Ethics by design and research ethics for artificial intelligence. SHERPA project, Deliverable 5.7. 48 pp.
  • Siemaszko, K., Kalisz, M., Marchiori, S., Slokenberga, S., Warso, Z., Rodrigues, R. & Stark, L. (2021). Report on adapting methods for legal analysis on emerging technologies. SIENNA project, Deliverable 6.2. 45 pp.
  • Marchiori, S. (2020). From self-driving cars to computational logic and back. Facing the trolley problem to enhance the legal regulation of AI. Master’s thesis, University of Trento.
  • Sommaggio, P. & Marchiori, S. (2020). Health data ethics in the time of Covid-19. A legal perspective. Humanidades e Tecnologia (FINOM), 25(1), 95-101.
  • Sommaggio, P. & Marchiori, S. (2020). Moral dilemmas in the AI era. A new approach. Journal of Ethics and Legal Technologies, 2(1), 89-102.
  • Sommaggio, P. & Marchiori, S. (2020). Tragic choices in the time of pandemics. BioLaw Journal, 7(1S), 453-458.
  • Sommaggio, P. & Marchiori, S. (2018). Break the chains. A new way to consider machines’ moral problems. BioLaw Journal, 4(3), 241-257.












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