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Frambozenweg 135, Leiden

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Frambozenweg 135, Leiden

I’ve been somewhat of an academic nomad. I have degrees in Biomedical Sciences and Medical Anthropology & Sociology. Have been affiliated with the Radboud University Nijmegen / Centre for Society & the Life Sciences, where I did studied collaboration in the nutritional sciences with Bart Penders and Daan Schuurbiers. I did a PhD in Philosophy of Technology, with Ibo van de Poel and Neelke Doorn at Delft University of Technology. In my thesis I developed a relational ethics approach for the governance of uncertain nanomaterial risks. Next I moved to public management. Working with Eefje Cuppen, Udo Pesch, Aad Correlje and Behnam Taebi in the RESPONSE project, where we used anthropological and philosophical methods to explore energy conflicts and public participation in decision-making on large-scale energy production

Currently, I’m still a researcher, but not in academia anymore. I am one of the founders of TU Delft spin-off Populytics. Our mission is to bring citizens and decision-makers closer together. We do this by conducting and facilitating large-scale consultations. In this way we increase empathy between the general population and decision-makers.
We have developed our own platform for carrying out consultations: Wevaluate.This platform is based on the scientific method PVE, Wevaluate allows you to consult large groups of the population. In essence the PVE method puts citizens in the position of the decision-maker through an online environment:

  • The participant experiences the decision-maker’s dilemma
  • The participant advises the decision-maker on the dilemma
  • Decision-makers’ gain insight into the values, preferences and concerns of the participating population.

My work at Populytics gives me the oppertunity to combine my research and social interests in creative ways. I’m always open to share about my experiences as a philosopher outside academia. Check out our website

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