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Spier, S. (Shaked)

University of Twente
Section: Philosophy
Faculty: BMS

Ph.D. candidate in Ethics and Technology at the Department of Philosophy, University of Twente. I’m also a member of the 4TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology and research fellow at the Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy, The New School, New Yok. My dissertation looks at the ethical and political aspects of the digital economy (especially the platform and sharing economy), focusing on democratic and alternative models such as platform cooperatives.

More generally, my research looks at the ethical and political aspects of digital technologies and AI. I have great interest in how people use information and communication technologies to interact and cooperate, with a special focus on bringing about social, economic, and political progress and change. From the deployment of social media in collective action and social movements, to platform cooperatives, to technology-related activism and policymaking

I am committed to interdisciplinary research and deploy theories/methods from information ethics, philosophy of technology/information, critical theory, gender studies as well as media, communication, and information science.

Professionally, I work as an IT Project Manager (certified PMI/PMP® and ScrumMaster®).

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