Steve Torrance

University of Sussex
Section: Centre for Research in Cognitive Science (COGS)
Faculty: School of Informatics


+44 1273 678853

Visiting professor September 2-20, 2013 (host: Philosophy Department, University of Twente).

Research fields:

  • Consciousness in natural and artificial agents;
  • The relation between consciousness and ethics;
  • Machine ethics and machine consciousness – scope and limits of the fields and their interrelations;
  • The relation between ‘infocentric’ approaches to ethics and bio- and ecocentric approaches;
  • Implications of future developments in technology for ethics, society and nature.

Other research interests are:

  • Spinoza’s philosophy, in relation to consciousness, ethics and environment;
  • ‘Enactive’ approaches to interpersonal interaction, ethics and consciousness;
  • The relation between commitments to science and to religion.
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